What is Ingredient Branding?

Ingredient Branding is widely defined as “creating a brand for an ingredient or component of a product, to project the high quality or performance of the ingredient”.
Our own definition of Ingredient Branding is quite simple: we call it "PARS PRO TOTO", a part taken as a whole.
What does that mean? The ingredient is becoming a trigger for the buying decision in favor of the final product. The ingredient can be a material, a component a production process, a specification or a service that is positively influencing the buying decision of the end user.
That benefits its direct customers to sell more end products with that specific Ingredient inside. In that sense Ingredient branding is a long-term orientated vertical co-branding between the provider of a component, material or service and the provider of a final product that incorporates that particular Ingredient.
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Learn how to build powerful Ingredient Brands.

  • Redefine your position as a supplier
  • Expand your audience and create a pull
  • Achieve a price premium for your Ingredient

The BRAINDERY is the only Ingredient Branding Masterclass 
developed by BRAIND®, the leading consultancy in this domain.

It helps you to turn your company’s innovation into a HERO brand. We are using proven agile methodologies built on 30.000 hours of unique experience, that are truly transformational; not only educational. They will result in increased end-user demand allowing you to dial up more value.

— What you will learn —

From Zero to Hero position

Getting out of the ZERO position of being “just a supplier” by transforming your Ingredient into a highly demanded HERO Brand.

ZERO POSITIONMany companies are not getting a fair value for their innovations. They are locked-into the unfavourable role of a supplier. The innovation is unknown and unseen for the final user and therefore completely exchangeable.

Illustration of a T-Shirt divided in three segments.

HERO POSITIONYou will learn how to transform your technology into a well-known and in-demand brand and how to create a triple-win solution for you, your customers and their end users.

Example of a $100 T-Shirt value chain: Brands & Retail pick-up 90% of the value. All suppliers are competing for the remaining 10% of the total value created (excluding V.A.T.).

In the Ingredient Branding Masterclass you acquire four game-changing skills:

  1. Understanding the reasons behind the unfair distribution of value in supply chains and how to change it.
  2. Learn, how to make a transformational jump from the role of a supplier and attain a HERO status.
  3. Discover, how to unpack your innovation into a powerful brand.
  4. Get empowered and become a sought-after Ingredient Branding expert in your company or industry.

— What’s INSIDE  —

The BRAINDERY Ingredient Branding Masterclass is a proven end-to-end solution based on 30.000 hours of experience in this highly-specialized go-to-market brand model.

It is packaged into a powerful 12-week course and equips you with the most important tools you need to solve your company’s value chain discrepancy by yourself and to get the recognition you deserve. It is divided into 3 sections with 4 lessons each. Learn together with your peers under the guidance of global Ingredient Branding experts.

1. Zero Position — The Ingredient Branding Opportunity:

Understand the value creation of the Ingredient Brand Model. Assess your brand along critical success criteria and get into pole position to become a relevant and integral component for the buying decision of the finished product.

  • The economical principle of value
  • The Ingredient Branding model
  • Success factors for Ingredient Branding
  • Set your No.1 Position / Summary Session

2. Maverick Position — Define your Ingredient Brand:

Define your brand based on the definition of an Ingredient Brand to make it attractive & relevant to your target audience

  • Define your Brand Vision & Mission
  • Identify your primary Target Audience
  • Find your Brand Positioning
  • Formulate your Brand Promise / Summary Session

3. Hero Position — become a Hero INside:

Your go-to-market strategy goes along the most relevant success criteria of the Ingredient Brand Model and you activate your brand via customers and through your brand network.

  • Prepare your Organisation
  • Build-up your Brand Network
  • Map your Customer Journey
  • Directions for Brand Activation / Summary Session

— WHO Should attend —

Image of a diverse group of business people discussing in front a computer screen.

Corporations / Start-Ups

Turn your innovation into a well-known and in-demand Ingredient Brand.
  • Ingredient Brand Company Owners / Top Management of privately owned companies
  • Business / Brand / Product / Marketing / Sales Manager from larger corporations
  • Founder / Owner / Manager of Start-Ups
Portrait photo of a confident young business woman.

Marketeers  / Brand Managers

Turbocharge your career and become an Ingredient Branding Specialist.
  • Upskill your career and become an Ingredient Branding Specialist
  • Be optimally prepared for a new role in your organization
  • Stand out when applying for a new position

Not sure if this is right for you? Ask us

— WHAT participants say —

"We could build a strong foundation for our ingredient branding strategy. In each session we learned about important building blocks and completed hands-on exercises that resulted in tangible results for our company. The Masterclass provided great resources on how to effectively create pull from consumers to drive B2B demand."
— Victor, Co-Founder,
Cosmetics Industry
"Dimpora’s membranes add great value to our customers products and with the inputs of the Braindery Masterclass, we are now equipped to transmit that value even better."
— Mario Stucki, Co-Founder,
Dimpora AG
"Tomas and his team are absolute experts in ingredient branding. We learned a lot during the Masterclass and are looking forward to work closer together in the future. The program is great value for the money."
—  Mikael Eydt, CEO & Co-Founder,
Beyond Leather Materials ApS

BRAINDERY’s Ingredient Branding Masterclass has a
 100 % satisfaction rate and a Net Promoter Score from 9 out of 10

— HOw it works —

  1. Ensuring high standards with interactive workshops in small groups of max. 6 participants
  2. Individual 1:1 coaching sessions by global Ingredient Branding experts
  3. Facilitated, collaborative work style & peer learning with like-minded
  4. Easy to use & downloadable worksheets on Miro
  5. Masterclass will be held in English
  6. Timezone is late afternoon C.E.T.
Close-up photo of a laptop computer a coffee mug and a notebook on desk.


We have developed a fair pricing structure that takes into account the value created for different participants. Our end-to-end solution enables you to build your Ingredient Brand by yourself. This can secure your business or career for the next 10 years.


with more than 1 Mio. € revenue,
9.000 EUR
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up to 1 Mio. € revenue
7.500 EUR
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5.000 EUR
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Customized solution to upskill your workforce
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This is what you get when you join:

  1. 9 group sessions with like minded peers & Ingredient Brand Coach duration 1h
  2. 3 summary sessions with like minded peers & Ingredient Brand Coach duration 2h
  3. 3 individual 1:1 coaching sessions with your Ingredient Brand Coach (30 min. each)
  4. 24/7 access to Miroboards, Worksheets and additional educational resources
  5. Downloadable Worksheets & Frameworks that can be individualized
  6. Slack Peer Group Channel access
  7. Ingredient Branding Specialist Certificate

This is what you should bring:

  1. Commitment to complete the program
  2. Motivation to upskill your career
  3. English language skills

Dislcaimer: This course is designed for the industry and follows the principle of peer learning in small groups. It is therefore not suitable for marketing agencies or other consultants.


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Photo of Tomas Vucurevic

BRAINDERY® is the brainchild of Tomas Vucurevic, the global Ingredient Branding Specialist, who has spent over 30,000 hours helping suppliers and manufacturers to successfully commercialize their innovations.

Tomas is a global authority who enables startups to multinational corporations and everything in between to gain more visibility and therefore, more value. With his unparalleled knowledge and expertise in Ingredient Branding, Tomas can see what his clients cannot see. He loves to decode commodities.

By upskilling employees & teams, he helps companies unpacking their innovations into a powerful brand, increasing profitability and securing that they are in control of their own branding process without relying further on external consultants.

At the same time, he helps employees to future-proof their careers. “By completing our Ingredient Brand Masterclass, you will become one of the most sought-after professionals in your industry,” Tomas promises.

— FAQS —

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